Towing & Transport Services in North Fort Myers

Towing to and from North Fort Myers

Fast towing to, from, and in North Fort Myers, FL

Need a tow truck in North Fort Myers? If so, we can help. One call to Downtown Towing gets you:

Schedued Transport / Towing Rates

The following rates are applicable for scheduled tow services in North Fort Myers, FL.
For rates within Cape Coral, click here.
For emergency towing rates, click here.

Car, Light Truck, SUV Transports

Flat rates.
$65-$95 anywhere within North Fort Myers.
$75-$150 tows between North Fort Myers and Cape Coral or Fort Myers

Call 239.549.3098 for a quote.

Commercial Truck or Heavy Equipment Transports

$95-$150 anywhere within North Fort Myers*

Call 239.549.3098 for a quote.

*Labor fees for removing and replacing driveshaft may apply depending on vehicle. Call for information.



Check with photo identification and thumb print.

or use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AmEx:

Payment due at time of service completion. If payment cannot be made, vehicle will secured in our storage facility at $35 per day storage until payment can be made.