Junk Vehicle & Vessel Removal

We do local marine salvage/ boat recovery jobs, too!

Marine salvage and boat recovery with vessel removal in Cape Coral, FL

We have been cleaning up streets and neighborhoods in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers, FL for over 20 years. Downtown Towing works with local law enforcement, code enforcement, vehicle owners, and property owners to ensure that junk cars, trucks, and SUVs in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers areas of Lee County, FL don't become permanent eyesores. Whether a vehicle is abadoned, broke down, burnt, flooded, or just unwanted, one call to Downtown Towing can have it goneinseconds.

Fast, free removal, towing, and disposal.

If you are scrapping a privately owned car, truck, SUV, or van, you must provide proof of ownership by having a valid title and photo identification. If you do not have the title, stop by our office during business hours if you need assistance completing paperwork to obtain a title (HSMV Form 82040) or certificate of destruction (HSMV Form 82363). Removal of complete vehicles with title is always fast and free. Sometimes, we can even offer cash for your unwanted ride!

Private property removal.

If you need a vehicle removed from your private property, you must provide proof that you own or lease the property along with photo identification. To familiarize yourself with the process, read Article 10 in Chapter 12 of the Code of Ordinances for vehicles removed within the City of Cape Coral, FL. For vehicle to be towed from private property in unincorporated areas of Lee County, FL, procedures set forth in ordinance 13-19 must be followed.

Proper processing.

We also handle the paperwork required for title destruction and ensure that it is reported to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).

Junk Vehicle Towing Rates

Get CASH for your junk car!

Fast and free junk car and truck towing and disposal in Cape Coral, FL

The following rates for junk vehicle removal/ towing services are applicable in Cape Coral, FL and North Fort Myers, FL.

Junk Vehicle Removal

FREE junk car removal with valid title and photo ID.

FREE junk truck and SUV removal with valid title and photo ID.

FREE junk commercial truck removal with valid title and photo ID.

Plus, we pay you up to $1000 CASH for some unwanted and junk vehicles with valid title and photo ID!
Want to find out how much your unwanted car or truck is worth to us?

Vehicles removed from private property can only be released to the registered owner or lien holder with valid photo identification and cash payment of the total towing and additional fees due at time of pickup.

Junk Vessel Removal

Marine salvage jobs are quoted individually. Call 239.549.3098 for more information.


Cash or check with photo identification and thumb print accepted. Payment due at time of service completion or prior to vehicle release from storage facility. If payment cannot be made , vehicle will secured in our storage facility at $35 per day storage until payment can be made. Additional administrative fees apply after 72 hours.