Automotive Jump Start and Mobile Battery Services

Dead Battery or Poor Maintenance?

If you need a jump start or other battery service in Cape Coral or North Fort Myers, FL call Downtown Towing

For batteries less than 5 years old, corrosion may cause poor terminal contact. If this is the case, we can service the battery before recharging it.

Do you have a car, truck, or motorhome that was running fine and now won't start? Before you spend big money on towing, call Downtown Towing for emergency roadside assistance service. We bring the shop to you to provide mobile battery testing, service (including terminal cleaning, replacement, and battery boost), and if necessary can even provide mobile replacement. In Cape Coral and North Fort Myers, we can usually be on site and have your vehicle running again in 30 minutes or less. Our emergency roadside assistance battery services include:

Here's some advice from AutoZone on when a car or truck battery needs replacement. In Cape Coral and North Fort Myers, the Florida weather depletes battery life to just 2-3 years!

Emergency Roadside Assistance Rates: Battery Service

The following rates for emergency roadside services are applicable in Cape Coral, FL and North Fort Myers, FL.
For our towing rates, click here.

Automotive Battery Boost / Jump Start

Car/ Light Truck:

Commercial Truck/ Industrial Equipment:

Call us at 239.549.3098 for service within the hour.

Automotive Battery Maintenance/ Replacement

Service call: $40

Service call includes mobile mechanic or service technician response to diagnose the problem, provide an accurate price quote, and obtain necessary parts for mobile service. There is no obligation to purchase service(s).

Making affordable mobile automotive service calls in Cape Coral since 1993!

Labor Rates for Battery Maintenance/ Replacement

Cars and Light Trucks:

$100 hourly. 15 minute minimum.

Commercial Trucks and Heavy Equipment:

$200 hourly. 15 minute minimum

You can even purchase your battery online by visiting our online store below:




Check with photo identification and thumb print.

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Payment due at time of service completion. If payment cannot be made, vehicle will secured in our storage facility at $35 per day storage until payment can be made.